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Member Involvement

The OANA has a long history of successful advocacy for our profession due to the dedication and loyalty of our members. This is your state association and your membership is vital to our future success. The following are a number of ways that you can contribute to the success of this state organization.

Maintain your Membership in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA)

It is essential for you to maintain your AANA membership. Your membership dues continue the great work done for you and your profession on the national level. Your AANA dues also fund our many initiatives at the state level. When the leadership of the AANA and OANA lobby for your interest on the national and state level, being able to tell our elected representatives that we represent a significant percentage of the practicing CRNAs always gets their attention.

Remain Informed

In addition to maintaining your clinical excellence, please remain informed on the issues affecting your profession. The AANA publishes the AANA NewsBulletin on a monthly schedule. Please take time to read it. Likewise the OANA publishes articles, news, and events on our website. Periodically the AANA and the OANA will send member's an e‐mail message, usually about a matter of urgency. Please read these emails and take action, when requested. Make sure your email address is current. Click here to update your personal information.

Attend the AANA and OANA Educational Meetings

Nothing renews your passion for your profession and pride in membership like attending an educational meeting sponsored by your state or national association. When you participate in an OANA educational meeting, you not only get excellent educational sessions, you get informed on the issues that affect our profession in Oklahoma.

The OANA holds spring and fall gatherings of CRNAs. Did you know that the proceeds from these OANA Educational Meetings help the OANA fund our many initiatives?

Support the OKCRNA-PAC

The future of the nurse anesthesia profession is being constantly challenged. Overcoming these challenges opens opportunities for advancement. Keeping the OKCRNA-PAC strong is one of our best ways to make sure that we are able to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in Oklahoma.

These contributions help our elected officials know who you are and what you do. They know your issues and are willing to act in our time of need. Your contribution shows that you truly recognize the importance of our mission and are seriously committed to helping us protect our profession. Click here to contribute.

Volunteer to Serve on an OANA Committee or Board of Directors

The future success of the OANA depends on the voluntary service of members like you. The OANA has many ways for you to serve, from those that take very little time or effort, to much greater levels of involvement. Consider starting by talking to a member of the OANA Board of Directors about serving. Any member can tell you about opportunities to serve on committees, help out at a meeting, attend a legislative reception, write a letter, or run for an elected position. Who knows, you just may be the next president of the OANA!