The Opioid Crisis in Oklahoma 

Resources for Providers, Patients, and Public Officials 


CRNAs are Part of the Solution in Oklahoma.


Our nation is facing an opioid epidemic. Oklahoma ranks as one of the worst states for opioid abuse in the nation. Prescription drug abuse is one of Oklahoma's fastest growing problems. Combating prescription drug abuse and misuse is a priority here in our state. Nurse Anesthetists are part of the solution here in Oklahoma. CRNAs have a long standing history of providing safe, high quality and compassionate care to patients that may be experiencing pain (e.g., chronic pain conditions, acute surgical interventions, or obstetrically-induced). CRNAs possess an in-depth knowledge of the pathophysiology and behavioral aspects related to pain, as well as the management and therapeutic treatment modalities to alleviate a patient’s pain. CRNAs rely on research and evidence-based guidelines to inform their clinical practice. The OANA encourages evidence-based provider education and development of resources regarding medications, such as opioids, and agrees that healthcare providers must possess the requisite knowledge concerning medication risks in order to minimize adverse drug events and patient harm. 


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