Our Mission

Our Vision

OANA is a vibrant, cohesive and motivated community focused on advancing the cause of cost-effective, quality patient care

Our Mission

OANA helps CRNAs succeed by:
Advancing and protecting CRNA practice through professional advocacy and education
Promoting practice excellence
Supporting members in personal wellness
Providing professional growth opportunities

Our Desired Brand

High Quality with Responsive, Caring Member Service. We recognize that incorporating innovation is the key to a strengthening the brand.

Our Over-Arching Goal

Nurses to practice to the fullest extent of their education so that Oklahomans enjoy access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Our 2014-2017 Priority Impacts

CRNAs participate actively in the OANA.
CRNAs take ownership of their profession.
CRNAs are involved in institutional governance.
Physicians view CRNAs as colleagues.
Healthcare facilities increase CRNA utilization.
CRNAs and APRNs enjoy full practice authority.