Welcome Students!

Letter from OANA Student Representative

Dear Fellow SRNAs,

I am pleased to represent you and be a part of the OANA board for the upcoming year. I am currently a Senior student at Newman University studying nurse anesthesia. Lots of exciting things are in store for us this year and I cannot wait to see where our OANA board will lead us. As the student representative, I look forward to learn a great deal from our CRNA leaders and to be a voice for SRNAs in Oklahoma. I hope to encourage other SRNAs to be active in this upcoming year as well as represent you the best I can. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, or concerns!

Best Regards,

Alexia McWaters BSN, SRNA
Senior OANA Student Representative
[email protected]


Kelly Olin
Junior OANA Student Representative
[email protected]


Become a CRNA

Educational Opportunities

We welcome students at all of our educational conferences with a greatly reduced student rate.  Conferences are held bi-annually.  for more information visit the conferences page.

How to Become a CRNA

CRNA programs 

Anesthesia Programs in Oklahoma

The University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthesia Program -

The University of Tulsa is the first and only nurse anesthesia program in Oklahoma. It is 36 month full-time doctor of nursing practice degree. It is a front-loaded didactic program with online and face-to-face courses. Clinical sites are in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Questions that cannot be answered by the webpage can be emailed to Dr. Andy Tracy, assistant program director, at [email protected].

A list of all accredited nurse anesthesia programs can be located at: https://www.coacrna.org/programs-fellowships/crna-school-search/

Anesthesia Programs Near Oklahoma

Arkansas State University

Missouri State School of Anesthesia

Newman University

Texas Christian University

Texas Wesleyan University