Welcome Students!

Letter from OANA Student Representative

Dear Fellow Students,

My name is Austin Trent, and I am a nurse anesthesia student at Newman University. I am currently serving as the student representative for the OANA board. We would not be where we are today without great leadership. As a student representative, I hope to learn from and follow in the footsteps of those great leaders that have done so much for our profession. I look forward to promoting nurse anesthesia and encouraging students to be active within our local and national organizations. Please feel free to reach out and share any ideas you might have with me.


Austin Trent, SRNA
OANA Student Representative
[email protected]

Become a CRNA

Educational Opportunities

While Oklahoma does not currently have a school for Nurse Anesthesia there are several Hospitals and facilities within Oklahoma with residency programs for students from schools in surrounding states.  

We welcome students at all of our educational conferences with a greatly reduced student rate.  Conferences are held bi-annually.  for more information visit the conferences page.

Anesthesia Programs Near Oklahoma

Arkansas State University

Missouri State School of Anesthesia

Newman University

Texas Christian University

Texas Wesleyan University